The train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 9)

The train passed very quickly
Who could stop it?
Who could face bravely?
My lover knew her way
She reserves a place at my heart
What can I do?
As she looks like the moon
Which shines with light
That leads us to the right
And she went to the right
Without tending or ascending
She went in straight
The straight is her look,
Which digs at my heart
She caused it the pain
But I felt with sweet
The sweet is her face
Coming with bright
Leads me to write
Several poems.
Without wait
Waiting is the lost
I will go
It must be occurred
Since long time
Long time is the absence
When you are absence
When you are coming
The feeling of your lost increase
The old man laughed
He said without wait
,”Pray to your God
Lift your hand
Asking him to help
There was a woman
Her cave beside a palace
The palace belonged to the king
Once that king was walking
He saw that cave
He was not admired
He ordered to remove it
As he wanted to increase the palace
The woman returned from work
She was old
She returned tired
She found her nest smashed
She asked who did?
The answer was fast
She was ordered to be dismissed
In wide, wide
She lifted he hand
She said one word
“I was out
Not to amuse but for work
When are you when he did
My lord
The heaven vibrated
The winds blew up
The rain ascended
The swirls occurred
The palace was downed
The king was hunting
When he returned
He found the palace evaporated
He swore he would punish
Who wanted him to vanish
His minister was wise
He told remember who did injustice
With him and returned his right
Otherwise your govern would damage
He remembered that old
He searched at fast
Finally, he found
He asked if she wanted
 To build her cave with gold
She answered
Return it as in the past
He ordered to give
Her a salary every month
She thanked and said
I live under the fare of my lord