The train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 10)

The kind man bowed
He coughed a lot
He said between coughing,
“look! How could you imagine
Open rose like you
And old bowed branch
Which must go
That is the life
The equation to dive
In the world without hate
Is o love your God
To train to give
And be able to resist
Any harm getting from bad
The God is there
The God is near
 There was an old fisherman
He fished and sold
He got up in the morning
Went to the sea to fish
He only was depending
On his God to get his wish
One day he fished a big and strange
He would go to the king
To have good prize
And get high respect
But, with his bad
The winds do not come
To whomever the ships do not desire
He met a greedy and hate
He was so anger
He looked very danger
“What are you carrying?
The fisher tried to hide
The big fish between clothes
But how could man hide
The brilliant as it shined
He looked at the big clothes
He took it in force
He opened and look
He made a yellow look  
He punished the fisher hurt
 He said you want to get the prize
That I deserve as I am the wise
Could speak or even look
And you had a tie with poor
You had a friendship, I know
He went to king
He got a lot of wealth
The fisher so one
He moved towards the God
He lifted his hands
He asked with weakest
“God, your slave did as you saw
I want you
Only you
To get my right”
There are people thought
That they could
Do everything they wanted
And got without punishment”
The greedy man got happy
He thought the life will be funny
And gave him his want
He thought his last will be happy
 The God will gave his demand
Suddenly his finger was swelling
He used to going to all doctors who are gathering
To get the worth that was not demanding
The cutting of part of human body
May gat unhappy
And may get the man in fuzzy
But he had to cutting
He thought his life went widely
And his world got happy
But his arm was swelling
He visited all doctors
He made all examines
The result was the worst
His arm was cut
After some times
The swelling reach to the shoulder
The rest of his right was ended
He thought the end of his pain
The right toe was swelling
He visited all doctors
He made all exams
They all gathered to the worst
But with his fortunate
As the God wanted to help
He met the wise man
He told his suffering
The wise smiled with pain and said,”
Remember, remember what you had done
Worst with other
Any one you might bother!”
The man saw the fisher
As it was video might appear
He searched for him
Everywhere as he thought
Finally he met him
He asked him to forgive
He said,” look, Master!
Your lord had punished!’
The fisher man knelt
And thanked hid God
The man was cured
But who could return what he lost?