the train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 3)

We had a appointment
Was on train
It moved in hurry
Without wait
It did as what he had done
When the train was downed
It came one by one
Then it rushed down
Mad the birds hide
Mad the dogs go wide
Mad the plants tend right
Or left as they feared  
As they had new born
I waited the train
I was on
Before the train passed
The gun is in the time
Shot us every second
We knew carefully every time
We will lose our demand
Or it may not be achieved
It may be fast or late
I looked at the news
I turned the papers
 So fast, fast
I remembered hers
She was so smart
Walking in harmony
As she looked as dancer
I imagined the land tended
One right, other in left
When she talked
I certainly heard
Not by my ear
But my heart
Our hero entered the city
Her manner was badly
His clothes were completely
Turn and hardly
Covered his body
She lost her beauty
She lost her peace
The men became wolves
Wanted the women
By away
To achieve their demands
And live them broken
Without say
A word to apologize
And the worst the women share
You can imagine
The world got downward
The characters go badly
The devils do his activity
To drag us to the deeply
Down of the hell
Our hero got clothes
As some men had kind
One invited her live
In the entrance of his home
He still had mind
To lead he world have a kind
Of mercy and regret
She must get food
And not live without work
She went to search for
She got tired for the manner
And economic that was downer
But she didn’t desperate
One she went out
He drove his luxurious
He remarked her
He was not sure
He slowed the speed
He got outrage
Why didn’t she die?
Why didn’t she still live?
He thought in fast
In spite of going inversion
She was on the other street
He crossed the island
Between the streets
As he had not care
Of traffic
He and not care  
Of the laws
He had an aim
To destroy her
Without any wait
He smashed her
He crushed her
He did it
With great anger
He became sure
He had dead
He took off in speed
Vanished as the thunder did