the train date6

His photogenic ordered
And did choice
If he didn't get her out
He will not see her nail
He agreed and agreed
His mother knew that 
His mother heard that
Her heart was cut
She felt with regret
She felt with sorrow
Her unhappy was as a mount
Her mind could not imagine
Her sight was narrowed
Her heart felt as he carried
 A big weight
Suddenly it couldn't move
Suddenly, it couldn't complete
The doctor went in
He found her dead
When he prepared her
To get buried
, he searched for treasure
He found small old
Paper written by his mother
He red it
As he expected
It will contain the place of money
When he red, he got unhappy
He cried, cried loudly
He fell into her body crying 
With tears as flooding
he kissed her strongest
Her beauty came
She said with disregard
"Why do you cry?
She must die
Before the time with time 
Is not sufficient she lived 
With fete"
He screamed
He ordered her to dismiss
He divorced 
When his father came
To ask what converted
The peace into war
And the rose to needles
And the kind to bad
The good land into dessert
What makes selves dissonance
He made as inspector
He searched at the room
Of the doctor's mother
He found a paper
Putting in frame
He red it
He red it
He felt in several of waves
Of shocking and crying
He went to her daughter
He ordered her to regret
And kiss the doctor's hand and leg
They visited the doctor mother's tomb
They asked God to be mercy
But what was written
At the old paper
Guess and tell
The love is treasure than any treasure 
You could count
Or even couldn't 
The paper was told
"My dearest in the world
My lovely I knew
When you were gotten
You born with one eye
I imagined
What will you suffer
I think at your matter 
When you grow
I asked the doctor to help
He said you want an eye
To solve
The bad and the matter
I searched everywhere
No one could 
I told the doctor to take
My eye to get you right
To get your shape good
No matter even my shape will not
Even I was the woman who searches
For beauty and smart
Even I live my rest life with probable
That I might lost the last eye
And live blind
I gave you my eye
To get you happy
When you laugh
I certainly laugh
I love you indeed
Without any reward
Except you remind
Only remind


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by mohmad safan