the train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 5)

She was guested
The man was poor
But he was so generous
He fed her the breakfast
She cried a lot
He tears ascended
As a flow
As the water was kept
Before high dam or wall
And after a mistake
Made by accident
It swept everything
Big or small
Short or tall
The man folded her
In spite of that 
She cried a lot
He said
Stop ,stop
She said, “All men are awful
They acted as snakes
And women shared as serpent
The world tended to big and deep
Hole that it will not return
Who will stop that?
You and like you could!
Please stop that falling”
The man laughed and said,”
Who could poor do
Against whale and rich man?
He could do what
He likes witout stop 
And the laws will be changed 
As he wanted”
She cried again
Her cheeks converted to be red
He cheeks were so red
The man laughed
He said, “You must be princess”
She cried again
He said, ‘What a pain!”
He got some clothes
She wiped her tears
He kidnapped from her
She was astonished
He said,” I snatched it
Before you squeezed
And got that honey 
From that beauty”
She laughed loudly
Her laugh was like sounds
Of water flow loudly
She got happy
He continued suddenly
“No, I would like to keep those pearls
You had gotten 
From your beauty”
She filled with shame
He continued
“You remembered me with that 
Princess that was kidnapped
She was taken by a gang
They tied her by a big
Column as the chief wanted
To kidnap he a lone
She saw him
She knew she was weak
He was strong and might mock 
She smiled at him
She shared his sense
She whispered at him
To untie hers to share his
He believed and said
What could a woman 
 Do with the strongest
He was so proud
When he kissed her
She caught his tongue by hers
She cut him by anger teeth
She at speed cut his hand toe
Without wait 
She caught another toe
He was so pained
He tried to get rid 
Of that
She caught so strongest
He screamed at loud
She pointed to him to lead 
Her out
They did as they thought
She might be wild
She took him as captive
Her nation got proud 
They attacked that gang nest
They were so courage
As one woman did
They could, could”
Our hero laughed
She said, “You must do that
To lift my honor”
He said, “No! Why do I that?
You are so strongest
And why you prayed to the tomb
He was a man and could not help
The only help was gotten from the God”
Why you don’t ask him!
She cried and told him
He smiled and said,”
Hear my baby
The tomb was gotten 
By simple people when
The colonialism occupied our land
They did the help f the tomb
They made famous stories 
With stranger and wander
The colonialism courage them
To make our land so stupid 
To get what he wanted
And improve his land
Why do we support him?
She screamed and said”
Tell me how I can get
Save and he will be punished?’
He said that I understood!”

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