the train date 7 (maltreated woman)

It passed fast
The time could not count
The clouds decreased
The lion feared
He hid at his liar
The deer speeding
He hid his attar
The rains didn't fall
The roses were closed
The train made shock
As the heart talked
Who could, could
Hide the love appear
She made me wild
No, I return my mind
My feel is good
My manner is not upset
I don't feel frustrate
As she is by mine
The gold does not consider
The treasure had no value
Beside her value
There was rich
Had everything
 Got what he may wish
But he fell was sad
He shared in war
He returned with fear
He cultivated land
He got with bad
He felt with sad
He returned t gather money
He felt with happy
Once when he passed
He spread the water
That was filled
The dirty got on clothes
Poor girl that was passed
She swore him badly
He felt sadly
He talked the police
She was jailed
As he was important
When she saw him
Coming to insure
That she would punish
She knew who was
Her lawyer told to apologize
When she met in face
She couldn't not open lips
Except she swore
He decided with anger
To get her temper
For long time and ever