the train date

Look, look
The beauty came
The traffic stopped
The drivers amazed
They fear of fault
The crash is closed
Now who could run?
From the evaporate of the sun
She had in her look
Look, look
Don't stop if you do you will know
You will lose the important
 You will gain nothing
As you will discover
She stole your heart
Lose or not
That is not the question
The matter is who she loved
They asked
They guessed
But look, look
The time was gone
Evaporated as the steam
Making clouds
Near the heart
To tell the respond
Why do you want?
Look , look
The mind is puzzled
The heart is occupied
The train is passed
Fast and fast
The passengers forget
To get in
As they stood
To look, look
You must guess
You must rush
Towards the hard
To tell her heart
You are the man
Who must respect

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by mohmad safan