The train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 8)

The old man laughed as she laughed
He smiled and said, ‘’
When you laughed the east and west
Became so brilliant
And the weather gets moderate
I feel the spring became nearest
The trees get greener
The moon gets brighter
The sun get shiner
The world had melody
That makes me happy
And the time goes easy
She smiled with shame and said,”
Do you flirt me my uncle?”
He completed without wait
“Why does this man act
He must not see your brilliant
Your smart has no example
If my time returned,”
She interrupted and said,”
What will you make?
You must bring me a horse
He must be white and has force
You will kidnap me and take me as rose
With red well-made dress
You have dressed white dress
As the knight clothes
The music of victory will do
And we will dance with clouds
The moon and stars will make a circle
The sun will dance in her white dress
The angels in white will be presented
The devils will be jailed
Our celebrate will be continued
For long time till our end”
The old man felt with shame
He cried from his luck she said,’’
She said in astonished
You cried my uncle
If you want me , marry me
And I will be happy
To get your heart happy
My feeling about the other hadn’t changed
Will be happy when the others are happy”
He said with amusement
And sadness appeared in sound,”
God bless you honey
Could the autumn met the spring
And the love needs money to spent
Is not gotten baby of love
I so poor enough
Even to spend on me
Is not enough
But we must say
The solve of your puzzle
Do you pray to your God
There was a seller woman
She sold eggs
One man who is so greedy
Wanted to take money
Without pay a penny
When she refused
He broke all eggs
She cried and carrying a box
With her good luck
She found an egg
Still complete without any broke
She danced as she had not egg
Broken or damaged
She sang and danced
With her luck
The chick had his time
He broke the egg
He was so small and funny
He walked her and there
He sand and sounded
He picked up the seeds
She forgot what had happened
The greedy man walked
He heard the voice of him
He asked him self
Why does she have chick
He must not one
But she has a lot
She must not have any
He knocked, knocked
When she opened
He entered without permit
He found him
He laughed and swore
He asked at rude
,’’how do you get that
You must steal at absent
Of his owner “
He took him without wait.
The woman cried a lot
She lifted her hands
She asked her God,”
Why did he do?
Don’t you know?
Help me my lord!”
The chick became big
He became big cock
He moved towards the man
He said that
Why you deal with injustice
You must be absence
The man tried to get his mercy
The man knelled and cried
The cock turned his back
The man got a knife
I will separate into halves
As he was so greedy
And said in happy
If I killed that
I will sell and have money
I will be rich and happy
He threw it in speedy
The cock had a blink
He expected that
He handled the knife in a wing
And bore his suffer
He threw the knife with other wing
The man got dead
The chick was known the money
That was hidden by that greedy
 He brought and gave to woman
The woman feared
After she knew him
She returned the money for their owners
Those were stolen by greedy”