the train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 2)

She was leaved
Everything was dull
Everything was hard
The hunger is the stamp
The wild searched everywhere
They wanted to dismiss hunger
It is greater in danger
They looked widely
Challenging the hard bright
Challenging the hot weather
As they want to be alive
Even they are danger
Even they are wild
But they know surely love
The wise said
Lives between wild
More safe than live with human
As you know the wild
But you can’t expect the danger
Coming from your brother
In brotherhood and genus
They came in slowly
They found something there
They smell he
They turned around her
They looked at her
They looked at each other
Obviously, they thought
In spite of her blood
Her body was filled
In spite of her lying
They left her and went
They got more merciful
Than the brother in human
One asked why they let?
One said ass they thought
She was dead
And the wild doesn’t eat
Any dead
Or, they thought she was thin
Or they had kind heart
At this moment
She got up
After days
By sounds of wild dogs
She saw their teeth
She heard their danger sound
As she was hurt
As she passed with bad
Times and punishment
She didn’t fear
She looked at their eyes
Suddenly ,the dogs became calm
The teeth were hid
The sounds were decreased
They settled at their back
They suddenly ran wide
After time, they returned
With rabbits they hunted
They eat them with lust
She was very hungry
The hunger had known limit
She looked at them
She looked at their eating
She waited and waited
She jumped at on rabbit
And struggled with a dog
It feared of her
She learnt to go wide
She learnt to hunt with them
She made strong friends
With dogs except some genus things
Who experienced dangerous
Must made relation with the worst
She learnt how to  spin the clothes
By branches of plants
She threaded the fur of rabbit
She lived with the nature
Suddenly, she knew the way of city  
She could go out