The train date5

What makes the heart sad
What makes the mind puzzle
What makes opinion hesitate
What makes me show the world
In worry and fear in shape
I asked every one
I have even one answer
Except lips stretched
Hands overlapped
Heads shook and murmured
With understood words
I live in a cave
You live in a cave
The cave is dark
Surrounded with Satan
They made the weather foggy
Covered with clouds of dark
There is no justice
Imagine the world without love
Who makes the fly stood at front
Of the eagle attack
She can be dead
But she wanted her love
Get up in safe
What makes the deer
 Stood against the wolf
Could attack him and give
Us lessons of deathless love
What makes the mother
Gives her kidney
To her son with happy
The story was completely
The wise said,"
There was a doctor
Famous, famous over you imagine
He had a mother
A mother with one eye
The other was hid
In spite of it
She had a dig
He put or jailed her in the room
As he feared she might
Fear his kinder and his wife
Who was beauty and smart
He gave her only food
But after times
His wife wanted to see what
What our hero hid?
She got up
She saw what
She screamed at loud
Ordered her husband
To get ride of her
He told she was her mother
She was his sort of life
She was his heart