the train date 7( Maltreated woman 2)

 She was jailed
She was hurt
She was punished
With all punishment
He insisted to bring
Her pain and punish
She could see his laughter
She could see his amuse
As she got pain
But for the right
When she got her mind
When she return to sense
And saw him standing
She stopped crying
She stopped showing pain
When he saw that
He demanded for increasing
The suffer and pain
What makes the love gone?
What makes the hate increased?
When does the devil orders   
Every one runs to respond
When the God orders
Some gets up at once
Other gets late
And other does not act
The officer got astonished
When she felt in land
Losing her sense
The rich took her
To his palace
To complete the punish
Or hide her if she dead
She got up again
Without helping of him
As the fate wanted to tell
If the world stood at your face
There is power will face
Them and do the right
He completed her punish
The blood was over her mouth
Her head was filled with injuries
As she cried a lot
Her sound was not heard
By the God, she didn’t scream
When he stood
And she could see him
She was hurt
Till she got inanimate
She got every punishment
One could imagine or not
She fell without movement
He called the doctor
Who had heart
Who was mercy
He told she had dead
He said at her self
“God will be merciful
He threw her at dessert
He dealt her and neglected.