the train date 4

One plus one equals Two
But it does not equal four
But with her equals more
One with her
Equals hundred
The heart makes the world
Full of roses
They were carried by smart
Who are wore
White cloth
Which were clear
As the heart shown
The angels were
Every where
The roses open
The water was fallen
Making sounds
The birds are singing
The bids are gathering
The angels are there
No they are every where
What crowd
They must appear
As white heart
At young child
Has no want
Except love
Love your God
To have more safe
Love your parents
To get respect
Love your kinder
To get more kind
Love your friends
To make more cooperate
Love your woman
Your wife and tell
Her she is your queen
Who carries your heart
What a crowd!
The angels are everywhere
The roses covered the sphere
The birds are singers
The animals share
What is your role?