the train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 6)

She was invited to food
The breakfast was prepared
By this kind man
He changed the imagine
Was taken by her mind
That the men were wolves
The women were dears
In spite of his poor
He prepared good food
In spite of his suffering
He had jock spirit
He said," did you hear the wise
That was told
It was said
We buried him by ours
There were two men
Having old hand car
It was dragged by donkey
As it could load heavy weight
It could travel at dessert
It could travel at hard road
When they transported
At time, their donkey got sick
They waited till he might be cured
But with sad, he was dead
They became very sad
They multiply crowded No.
It was complicated
They lost their wealth
As they hadn’t another else
What could they do?
They waited with bad
They sat at sad
They decided to fete   
They buried him
Suddenly, a woman appeared
She walked with a man
They were wife and her husband
She was asked to be pregnant
After she visited many hospitals
And visited many doctors
They met good men
And went to mosques
She found them sad
She thought they had a problem
Difficult to be solved
As her problem in face
She thought that tomb
Belonged to kind and good
She went at it
She caught its wall
She cried a lot
She asked her demand
Her husband shared
In spite of his want
The two men visited the tomb ordinary
When they went at that land
And stayed for rest
Telling the jocks about that dead
They told he could not work
If he had no spirit
Or his mood was bad
He settled at land
In spite of his load
He cried loudly
As he would stand and complete
But he would not do
He cried to get rid of that load
He could kicked one
If he was anger of him
He could put his foot
Over and foot
That he made mistake with him
At once when they waited
The woman and man came
They were carrying a baby
Their faces were happy
The woman said," where is guard
Where is the box of present
That good man accepted
As he made me a favor?
Or it may the sweet
Of getting the lovely present
They looked at each other
The two men said at one voice
We are the guard
She gave them a lot of money
They understood the matter
She asked him to get a baby
She thought he is kind and have a way
To his God to help
And she got pregnant
By only will of the God
They thought and did
They built a decorate tomb
They wrote at it
The tomb of the kind
The people came a lot
Everyone had problem
Every one made a mistake
Came to get solved
They put money at case
Guarded by the men
They got rich
They didn't work in transport
As the new job
Had great wealth and brilliant
Suddenly they had differed
Who will got the great amount
Of money that was gathered
One of them said at loud
I will ask that buried
To destroy your health
The other laughed with funny face
And said," We buried him by ours”