the train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 7)

The time maybe changed
The clouds may be covered
The winds may be not blown
And the tree may not be green
The train may be stopped
The driver may be lost
The collector may be not found
But surely your heart could not be forget
I saw the flowers at your
I saw the green plants at your eyes
I saw the apple s at your checks
Strawberries at your lips
I dream that I live
In heaven and paradise
The way is very easy
To know your heart is difficult
As the life with will be happy
And the paradise will be rich
To get what you wish
But how can I rich?
The time with you is pearl
The time with you is counted
As I am gotten from that period
And the previous could not consider
What does change my manner?
Why does my mind get busy?
I waked at night thinking
In stars those are highly
Who could tell the feeling?
The love to you is wealth
Consider treasure that any else
Tell me what has changed
I remembered the train pass
Carrying things carrying humans
As your heart kidnapped my heart
If anyone kidnapped mine
I will chase to return in right
But with you I become happy
And wish what I wish
To kidnap heart for end
End of time.
The train goes
The train passes
The heart crosses
Making big roses
Shining in the sky
Spreading happy