The train date 7 ( Maltreated woman 11)

The train knows his way
He is as the judge
Knows the right and acts
Does not turn right or lift
As he may be lost
He stopped on time
Moved in on the date
Knows the time
When he will end
The trip from begin
Till he reaches the end
He looks like the life
Begins as slow
Baby crawls slow
After he could not move
Then he could move
On four members
Then he moved only
Till he gets his finally
Everyone gets his time
Must ascend on time
Without asking why that?
The train may go in mount
Ascending, descending without late
Without complain or say
Why I am?
The other train
Goes in simple and easy valley
Surrounding with roses and beauty
The other could be used for important
Person and walked little and be evaluated
That is the life we had
Man could be found rich
And has every wish
Other may be poor
And gets his desire in ruin
The time passed
The woman went   
To her work she found
The greedy man was passed
Over the bridge where she walked
The traffic was stopped
He looked, he found
That is my time
He said to himself
He tootled the car
When the traffic moved
He decided to cross
Even there were lots of cars
Even he wuld crash several times
Even he broke the rules
He moved
Turned right and lift
Till they faced
He stopped the engine
Making as the wild thinking
Spreading the horror in
Making her forget her name
The day she born. She forgot
She stood on foot
She looked anger than that
He moved the engine fast
The wheel moved in speed
In spite of that
The woman did not move
No,she moved towards him
As she had a steel shield
He moved very fast
His eyes were completely opened
His nerves were in mood
Of ready and any vise action
Now, he would end the motion
That challenge woman would vanish
She will be now in rubbish
The woman prayed to her God
Saying that is the weakest
Against your able
If he could destroy me
You could destroy
Him and his money
Please, save me
Save  me from him
When they got closed
When, hey met in nearest
The woman was flown
The man was in fast
Stoke the barrier
Falling downward
He was crashed
No one wanted to help
Except one who had
A noble act
She jumbled from the bridge
She forgot what she wore
She forgot what he did
She reached his car
In spite of fire eating
With hunger without wait
She hardly got him off
He tended on her and moved
Wide from the car
He said as he went far
“forgive me my smart”
She said
What she said
Please send me what do you expect?

The end