A fly 5

The good people at divan stood
They told what they heard
The y said their symbol
They loved all world
They didn't hate any word
They hate war world
They have not any weapon
As they had any greedy
For any one
For any region
They love all
The smile is the weapon
To spread the goal
Of peace at the world”
They completed
The plant is the root 
Which gains the food
Is water is absorbed
By sticky and transparent leather
That lives for days
This was easy to be cut by the sand
When the root got downed
It was created
After the old was dead
It had more concentrated
Mixture than the sand
So the water and salt
Would be absorbed 
 The food and water 
Was taken higher
After the root had eaten 
Let the most go higher
The stalk took his need
And the food went there 
Through the lattice property
Through the small pipe
The branches took the need
And let the water and food 
Go to the leaves
The leaves took what they need
The rest went away
Through The transpiration 
The plant went to get flower
Which carried the seeds
If those are planted 
They got the same kind
The cotton plant got flower
Which is cotton indeed”
The queen stood 
Said with good sound,”
How one could get clothes?”
They all stood
They said at one sound,”
One gathered the flower
They collected in scutcher
To get clean and good
Cotton from the crop
Then the threads was gotten
Then they were wrapped at roller
They were put in long and wide
They were spun by hands 
Or machines for more clothes
They could colored before textile
Or after that for while
Then they were sent to dresser 
Who made good clothes”
The queen stood 
Clapped her smooth hands
Said, “clever and do good”
She completed her word,”
What do the bad worm doing?”
They completed again,”
The flies put their eggs
In disappear part of leaves
They stick them strong
Till it get worms
They were very hunger
They eat the leaves
The worst is coming
The leaves became sick
The plant could not product
The flower and it must be dead
The worms go wide 
They could destroy the corps
If they don’t resist”
The queen interrupted 
We can share life s
You can take what you need 
Do not be greed
The life is wide
To share and have life”
She completed,”
Imagine! The world without clothes”
The attendant laughed with shame
They covered their faces