A fly 3

The queen of perversity said,” 
Jailed plant?
What is your name?”
He answered,”
She laughed and said,”
He is importanto!”
Faced her nation
She returned and mentioned,”
How can you eat?
He said,”
When stalk grows up
Branches get from it
Leaves were get of it
They get green color
They are responsible for breath
They have holes 
The holes under their faces 
They called stomata
They could be at branches
They got oxygen from air
And got carbon dioxide to air”
The queen of hate said. “Liar!
You are liar
That is not right
You get oxygen 
You get oxygen and absorb harm
You are an enemy”
The crowd voiced
They sounded to kill him
The queen interrupted,” guilty, or not
Tell the truth”
He said with annoying
,” That is Photosynthesis 
It occurred in evidence
Carbon dioxide, oxygen, lights
Carbon dioxide and green cells
We absorbed carbon dioxide
Oxygen gets out”
The queen laughed,’’ What a complex?”
The plant said,” not, it is easy
The root gains water and food
From down from sand
It moves up through stalk
It transports to leaves and branches
They grow and get amused”
The queen of danger said,”
What is Photosynthesis?   
“It occurred it light
Light reaction
Gained sugar for power 
And grow parts”
He completed his answer
She said with mocking,”
Tell me in short
Your parts and actions?”
He answered. “Root to absorb
Water and food 
From down sand
They send them 
To stalk, then to branches
From branches and leaves
Leaves and plants grow up
Flowers are grown
They carried babies 
They carried seeds
The flowers are smart
They carried good nectar
To attract flies
To get the male parts
To the female parts
As the male parts
Have sticky materials
The seeds can transfer 
Also by air and winds
The seeds gain completed
And they had the same things 
Of their plants parents.”
The crowd collected,”
They danced and said,’ 
Roots for absorbing
Water and food
To stalk which carries
Them up to branches
Then to the leaves
Leaves can breath
They can build power
And also food
Food feed food
Hum ,hum hum
That all we need”