A fly 4


The queen of hate stood 
Her clothes were black
Her mood was bad
His face looked anger
The weather was cold
The clouds moved up
The sun was disappeared 
Moon was feared
The violence music was heard
The pumps of heart made
An only melody
Music of hate
She said in loud,”
Then tell me after that 
What had happened?”
The cotton fly stood
She said after bowing
“Dear queen 
The responsible of hate 
I am proud
So proud to be your slave”
The queen signed to her 
To rise her head
She stood and completed
“dear princess of  risk
The council of destroy
I am happy to obey
Tell me 
I will go away
Without any word, I say”
The princess was awful
Her sound was thunder
Made the walls shocked
Get the heart up
To touch the throat
She said one word’”
What is our slogan”
She said with sad,”
That is easy my lord
Make the world sad
Spread everywhere
The sad
Make every creature complain
Get him unfaith with God”
All amused
All greeted 
They say’” 
You are the best”
The queen said,”
Now till me after that
After the plant get leaves,
Roots, stalks, and branches
She said with bow,”
Our devil keep your intelligent
And keep you from any convertibility
I fear if I talk
I will get punished,”
The queen laughed 
Her laughter was companied
With great anger
She said,” 
You are safe”
The worm fly said,”
Let me tell you 
I am womry cotton
The plant after getting leaves 
It goes to make flowers”
All sighed 
All got anger
All sounded high
That bad thing 
Our sign
Not to get the world fine
Our world is ruin
The devil our God
We follow his speech
The war is our aim 
The peace is bad thing
Our enemy is the angel
The dark is our prefer”
They clapped in strong
They suddenly get silent
As the queen stood
She said, “After that
How do men get clothes?”
They murmured
They didn't have answer
The sit of fare there 
The queen sound was good
Her smile was wide
Her teeth were white 
She obviously brushed them
She said after she ordered 
To get some scent
She ordered to open wood
To get more fresh wind
And get more lights,”
Who could tell me 
How could one get clothes?”
All was sounded all talked
Then they got silent
She ordered,”one please
One if you want me
To hear you clear”
The silk worm stood
She took a sip of water,’
I will till you 
My lord!”