Butter fly

Can you fly
Through the sky
See and try
The weather is mine
My friends are star
The sun my sister
The moon is my brother
Our God we pray
I was so small
My mother did all
To get me save
She me before
I was and egg
Tied in land
Hid from wild
The ugly birds
Which eager to eat
I got some weapon
My colors look like
The surrounding of weather
My threads are sticky
If any approaches
He will stick in moments
Till I got completed
I became crocodile
Eating all things
The green leaves
And I would eat
Till I could destroy
The leaves  of the plants
Then I got in fast
Long, long as it might
I got complete fly
 I took of my old cloths
That if I was harmful
If I am beautiful
I got without harm
The useful one
Is my friend
The skin worm
It is another one