A fly 6

The queen of hate said,”
Could you tell me
The benefit of the cotton clothes
All were amazed
All were stopped
They don’t know
They only know
Inventing to destroy
The world at all
To vanish the happy
To disappear the funny
To get more rich
The ruin is only, only
Their wish!
The kind queen asked
They all answered in one sound,”
The cotton is healthy
It was cheap for centuries
Till human knows its benefits
It absorbs sweat
It is smooth for skin
If one has sick in foot
His socks must be cotton
It does not cause any skin ill
It is designed to be
Underwear that is safe
The night sleep dress
That gives
The romantic express
It can be suits
Shirts, tourists
It can be for rich
And able for poor
As they wish
The dangerous queen stopped
Saying with worst
Do not you know any useful?
One can tell me
How can we get clothes from sheep?
The wolf entered carrying the sheep
Saying that is the source of wool
She clapped her arms
Saying with great laughter
“Complete how can we get the cloth?”
They all stopped
They were silent
As the stooped mouth
Closed them from talking
The good queen asked
They answered at once
,”They got the wool from sheep
Goats and camels
 After the shaving them
Or taking skins after they had eaten
Their delicious meat
Man collects the wool
Every kind at one rank
He gets threads from it
He wrapped them at tackles
Then it gets made hand or machined
Then it gets clothes
It put in textiles machine
The threads divided into
Horizontal and vertical
The vertical tension-ed in strong
And divided into two parts
Upper and down
The gap between them is the breath
When the breath gets wide
That is good for shuttle
Which carries theards
At roller
It put the horizontal one
It was tensioned in strong
The upper in vertical became lower
The lower became upper
When the shuttle retuned
At the breath
He put another thread
And that is the cloth was made”
The good queen clapped its hands
The dangerous queen asked,”
Broke the stupidity
Tell me what are the benefits
Of the wool cloths?