A fly 2

The queen settled over her Thorne
She said with proud
We are created for happy
We spread funny
We are several types
As American snout
Garden tiger named
Blue morphed color
Golliath birdwings as bird
Have long wings to get up
Julia who is Jullia
The princess of beauty acted
This is Jullia
If you looked at her yellow
You will fell in love
You will gain known
The prince of love
Karner blue if asked
It is hard in talk
But it is sweet if you look
To approach of our kinds
We are so good
And other flying
We gain colred by our God
He created us
To glance
Be happy
With the universe
The butterfly of silk
Take her suit
And take permit to talk
She said,” I am silky,solk silk”
I am responsible for clothes
If I am not the people walked naked”
The butterflies laughed
Those attended at the sit
They murmured in whispered
They laughed at laud
Some hid their faces
By their smart wings
The queen said,”
Say correct or be silent
There is cotton and sheep”
The butterflies laughed at laud
The queen looked with anger
On said,” imagine
One wore the sheep
And he walked with it
His long horns
He will make a sound
Like the sheep sound’
The all laughed
The princes said,’’
The queen didn’t mean that”
The queen talked,’’
Do you know how they get
The cloths?
They answered, “NO?”
She moderated her settle
She said in concentrated,”
They cultivated its seeds
In many holes of land
After they blew the land
They overlapped the soil
To make it get useful
Air and dismiss the harmful
They let the good creatures
As worms and others
Grow they help the land
They try to kill the other
Then they cultivate the cotton
The seeds are thrown
Then they covered with soils
The plants grow weak
They helped to grow well
Till it gets complete
The harmful appears
The enemy of famers
Tells its word”