A fly 3

That was a set of peace
The smile was in every face
The nectar was good and appeared
The laughter was laud
The good spirits controlled
The lights shined and showed
The good angels were flying
The lights were showed
The other settle was dangerous
They collected and decided
To make the worst to all kind
They took the place
The cotton butterfly stood
  She said with admired,”
I am responsible for eating
And destroying cotton crops
I put eggs under the leaves
Of the cotton plants
When my small worms got
They are very hunger
They eat the leaves
The result
The queen of hate said
After she stood
All became silent
The military melody was done
The place was dark
The light was decreased
The dark was controlled
The crows out cried
The snakes lifted
Their heads as prepared
Themselves to attack
The locusts were flying
The scorpion lifted their tails
The owls sat over branches
The palace was in ruin
The cotton fly completed,”
The plant was prisoned
Let him to talk”
The plant moved in slow
He talked in low
When I was seed
My farmer was friend
He took care of me
He watered me
He put some medicine
To protect me
To cure me
When the grass appeared
He tried to get them out
I grow up
My roots get down
My two leaves appeared
They dig the sand
They appeared in strong
Announcing in clear
That is no power
Could stop the well of God”
All attendants sound in high
They obstructed that compliment
The queen in dark cloths
Said and tried
To stop that struggle
The queen said,”
Let him to complete”
He completed,”
My stalk grows
Getting some branches
The leaves appeared
The roots downed
When the stalk grows up,
My roots grows down
The leaves appeared and increased
What the benefits of every part?