A fly 7

The dangerous queen asked,”
Who can tell me the rank of wool?”
They laughed
They sang,”
Dear majesty
We don’t understand
In this politic
We knew only at war
Our minds are designed for destroy
Attack, make bad plane, occupy
Then take the wealth and destroy
To show the world those are in a way
Not to deserve to live, but to die
Their God gives them wealth
And  our God does not give us the worth
We will get it
Even if we kidnap, mock or wrap
Our symbol is to leave
The ruin will live
In every span of the late people
And the advance must be at ours
We deserve to get good life
And they deserve to live in bad life”
She became silent
The good queen asked,”
They answered,’
 The sheep wool is the first
The Merino is second
The cashmere is the third
Mohair is the forth
Angora is the sixth
There are more than”
The queen of hate asked
,”what are the benefits of wool?”
They could not answer
The good fly stood
They talked and answered,’
The wool was used for poor
As it lives long times
If it has good cured
If it does not wear
It gets bad
It gets holes
And be worst
The wool is suitable
To be wore for all
It can be used for rich
The expensie suit is made
The shirts and long cloth
Those are used in cold
Weather to resist the cold
It can be dress made
It can be long trousers
Wearing under trousers
To warm the feet
Its shape is smart
Who wore it
Called smart”
The good queen asked<
What is the silk?”