A fly

I was an egg
Then converted to caterpillar
Then becomes a full
As human world
Some of us good
Other makes the world
Goes to be worst
When I come
The sign of spring
Puts its hand
I come with flowers
Open everywhere
The sun shines
The birds appear
The cold gathers
Its clothes
And disappears
For some months
Then return again
My life is short
But I make it good
My wings have colors
To spread the happy
To hide from enemy
As I look like flower
But I can fly
High, high and higher
The good of us
Like the silk worm
They sacrifice themselves
To get evaluate clothes
, the second is the beauty
Who spread the funny.
The worst are cotton worms
Who eats the flowers
Destroy the crops
Getting the farmers
Sad in their times
How we get silk
I will explain
On the following time