Hearts without wings 46

The nurse was downed
She changed her shirt
By another from the player
The player was big
So the shirt is wide
Monkeys laugh at
They continued
The match was going
The monkeys played good
The human team annoyed
The boy gathered
They decided
To play
The half time ended
The monkeys got three goals
Without goal for human in farce
The second half was begun
The player gathered them
They decided to cooperate
The match played
The player did not do
As he ordered and planed
He played with himself
He played with anyone
So every one of his
Did as his doing in miles
Nothing had been changed
The monkeys played well
They filled all the ground
They were active and moved
As flies in every spaces
The fourth was on
After some clever passes
The human could not touch
Till one pass was up
One received and put a head
The goal over the hands
It hanged the trap
The human team gathered
They did a trick
They celebrated the monkeys
They appeared the good spirits
As the rules in the sports
The monkeys believed
They danced and climbed
Trees and branches
The human team looked
The referee at the first
Tended to the opposite
He whistled
The ball was passed
One, two and longest
Dudo receipted
He put at his chest
And shot with confident
The goal was scored
The human celebrated
The monkeys objected
They stood around the referee
In spite of being monkey
They shouted with angry
The referee could not change
That would be out of average
That would not be in justice
 It didn’t change its opinion
Its order was going
The yellow card was done
To three of the monkeys
The red was out
Another was out
The monkeys filled with sadness
The match was continued
The monkeys decided to get revenged
In spite of being ten
They played more than eleven
The human played well
They passed ball in fast
Short or long
The monkeys let them do
When they reached the goal
The monkeys were there all
The stealing for shot or pass
The ball was thrown longest
The monkeys were all off
They took it and in fast
They passed one, two at the end
The goal was hanging
The trap and they screamed
The human transported
The ball very fast
Till Dudo took and passed
He faced the goal in front
In spite of shooting
He passed it at side
The nurse was running
She was receipting putting and shooting
The second was going
The boy ran and thanked 
The human celebrated
The monkeys began
The confident was going on
Till the last was cut
And passed in fast
Till it reached the goal
All were occurred by human
Till the third was on
The match continued
The monkeys were still active
They played well and active
The human lost their active
But the ball was not in native
Pass or shot
It was stolen
And passed at longest
The goal was scored
The monkeys passed ball
At wide and long
Till the match was ended
The monkeys celebrated
The boy blamed himself
As he trained them well
They clapped the others
They hanged the others
The boy got happy for curing
His hero, who was playing
Well and was running
Long ,wide and was jumping