Heart without wings 43

He looked at the player
He said, "Now you turn
My lord!"
He ordered his fellows
To prepared their guns
They tension ed their backs
They were ready to shot
The eyes were great opened
The minds were concentrated
If you looked,
You would find
All became sights
The hearts were pumped
In the same tones
They were completely ready
They were nervous in away
That if you might gain
A sight
You would escape
They were as the hawk
They were inside happy
They would achieve their wants
No wide for achieving
As the shots got, they would get
They looked at the player
They waited the order
They were stood in order
When the boss would talk
The lights were tuned off
The shots were off
The lights were on
They were downed
The guns were in their mouths
They argued by sights not shots
As the monkeys caught the guns
The lights were off for second
The big ghosts appeared
They were talked in huge sounds
One of them tried to make
As James Bond
He was hard hurt
Then the ghosts moved
The men screamed for mercy
The fire was out of their mouths
They demanded some clemency
The ghosts became nearer
The ghosts screamed
In the nearest faces
The ghosts' faces were burning
No, no their faces had fire in strong
Some of big gang screamed
One had urinated
One had suspended
One was talked as mad
Other laughed and cried
From fear
The lights were on they had to run
Without order, but by force
They were running as a race
If one stopped
He might be bitted
They ran faster
Than every run
If one stopped
He would be struck
On his back
He also might be rammed
Then he would be bitted
The scream cut the silence of dark
The footsteps running waked up
The angry land
Which damned the gang
The plants waked in horror
They wanted to revenge
The gang was completely hated
They were left
Out in the nearest
Till the boy heard steps
It was belonged to the nurse
She looked at every face
She could recognize
She caught him from his clothes
She screamed at loud
She said with high sound,"
Why do you kill him?
She could tie clothes around
His neck
His face got red
He hardly breathed
The boy argued
She let him
She cried
She looked to animals
She looked to the boy
She said with unhappy
With disappointed way
She said,"
That awful
Took my son
Who is my brother
I considered him
I argued him
I talked him
About my god
I asked him with God
I promised him
To do every demand
If he lets him go
But he didn't
He looked and laughed
He killed him with cold blood
I couldn't save him
She dropped suspended
The boy looked at the friends
The monkeys carried him
While the dogs were cutting him
The donkeys rammed his head
He asked for forgiveness
They looked at nurse