Hearts without wings 42

She ran and tried
To get escaped
The boy was brought
He got her calm
She told about
What had been happened?
He smiled and said,”
That was polite and kind
He didn’t hurt before
He was wise in his nation
So he was proven of good
Every creature approached
Everyone liked to talk
To it as he listened
It can decrease your pain
The boy didn’t dare to tell
Her about his dream and cure
The player
As she was not believe
She returned in peace
The player was there
He said with laughing
“all female have snake spirits
And they have coward souls”
She laughed with hoot
The boy laughed actually
For her mocking way
The player stood
And hardly walked
He had lunch eaten
He watched some films
About matches
He screamed and said,”
Why don’t I play
Like the past?”
The night at garden came
Everything got dark
Except those lampposts
Some of them have no lamps
So around of them gets darks
The garden gets calm
The movement is decreased
Or there was no movement
The owl screamed loudly
The dogs may park
The monkeys got sleep
Everything gets calm
You can see the stars dancing
Celebrating of that drawing
The green in dark gets black
When the lights of moon spots
The green with black gets fantastic
The birds gathering in plants
In their nests
They could be seen
By the stars swimming
Over high, high
Over seen
By all high creatures
By the highest, by the God
The cold put its order
Everyone obeyed
Everyone closed
His house
And  hides under many carpets
Or in big straws
To have worm
Or to sleep soon
The calm was cut
By shooting every where
The sounds were loud ordering,”
Dudo get out”
Dudo was feared
He opened his eeyes
The boy ordered to get calm
The nurse came from nearest
Room with big horror
The dragon got gun
The boy pointed,’No!’
The sounds approached
The boy turn off lights
He jumped from the window
The player said, “coward!”
The voices became nearest
They followed the sounds
They concentrated their lanterns
They laughed and prepared to shot
The player to write end
The boss said,’’
If the injection was not hurt
You must be hurt
 By the shortest”
He ordered,”
Men!  Prepared your guns”
They prepared for shoot
They aimed towards him
The nurse stood in fron
No! You will not!’
The boss laughed
He ordered to get the lights on
He circled around them
He looked at the dragon
Would you like to see another thing?”
The dragon said at loud,”
This must be saved
He ..”
The dragon was hurt
Over his head
The guard came in fast
He asked, “what
But he was downed
By hurting over his head
The boss got nearer
The boss said,”
Now you are hero!”
He considered her face
He looked with wide eyes
He said in few words, ”oh!
My God
Help me my God!”
The nurse looked in astonishment
The boss walked in folding
He walked like a girl
She said with astonishment!
I know ,you!”
He interrupted
He said,” I am hit-man
They ordered
 I did
They paid
And I get”
She said with great scream,”
You kill!”
He interrupted,”
Your brother lady
And you screamed,’
Oh! My God!’
And your God
Didn’t help!
She screamed and dropped
The boss laughed
He looked
He said,”
Your turn!”