Hearts without wings 44

She looked with anger
Her eyes told order
They obeyed in faster
The donkeys rammed him harder
The monkeys scratched him deeper
His scream cut carpet of silent
The calm vibrated harder
The man argued to stop
He asked to get mercy
She refused and laughed
She said, "I saw that show
But the hero,
Do you know?
The hero was you
The victim was me
My son, you dared to kill
I argued you
To stop
I asked you
I sword with God
And you had cold blood"
She cried
The boy gave her napkin
She ordered to do
The dogs bitted
The monkeys cut
He screamed at loud
They hurt him hard
Till he fell cold
They threw
In wide dessert
They had gone
Except only one
The wise monkey
He hid and waited
Till he returned
The boy ordered
The rest of the gang
To be thrown
After hard tied
In the nearest street
They returned fast
The wise monkey waited
He pointed and aimed
The boy said,"
The hit man was attacked
By wild
And so he was killed
The nurse said,''
He must thank his God
That he will not live
Suffer as his long life
Now he is dead
He will meet his God
He judges him with justice
 He cannot escape
By himself or by force"
The boy ordered to move
In speed in another site
Of the garden
To get hid
They moved in speed
The room was empty in fast
They slept
The nurse in the following room
Which was closed
The player was in another
The boy was nearer
The dragon still waked
He refused to get slept
Then he slept under straws
After burning some wood
The boy slept completely
He dreamt another dream
The wise monkey came
He had two friends
He had a cup
The two opened the mouth
Of the player by force
He was drunk something
Then he got up
He moved right and left
He suddenly dropped
The boy got up in with astonishment
He found the player slept
On the land without movement
He called and stopped
But for his good or bad
The nurse heard
She entered
She was amazed
She found the player downed
She tried to help him
He got up with hard
He stood
His eyes were opened
He tried to move his leg
He dropped
He stood again
He said in weak
He said with low
The boy asked in low
And damned that monkey
The player looked
He moved slowly
Then he moved widely
Then he screamed loudly,"
I can dance so easily
I can fly
Over any sky
I can make any difficult
Pass and get pass
I will get scored"
He looked to the boy
Who couldn't speak
From the happy that covered
His tempers were dancing
His heart was sharing
His face was amused
The nurse was as him
She couldn't bear the happiness
She couldn't feel his legs
As she danced as the fly
She made as ballerina
She danced and danced
The boy prepared
The teams of monkeys came
The wore red shirts
And white shorts
The human team came
They wore blue shirts
And yellow shorts
The match began