Hearts without wings 45

The boy walked
Towards the old monkey
He asked,’’
What do you do
To get the happy
To all of us?
You do the funny!”
The monkey sounded
And made with hands
Some movements
The boy understood
And didn’t understand
Other thing
He smiled and thanked
He clapped and hanged
The tears were ascended
All danced
They celebrated
The match began
Everything was prepared
The teams of monkeys came
The wore red shirts
And white shorts
The human team came
They wore blue shirts
And yellow shorts
The match began
The monkeys moved
The ball was passed
Between their legs
They moved it
So easy as they passed it
Not by legs, but by hands
The human team annoyed
They couldn’t touch the ball
The monkeys do every thi9ng
It was obvious that they trained
A good and hard
The boy asked them
Not to play fast
The monkeys didn’t do that
They still played well
One passed the ball
The other was in another
It took it
The monkey lifted it
Another took it
Higher than any o9ne
He headed it straight
Towards the corner
It was goal
The monkeys celebrated
They circled and danced
They jumped up
They downed
They jumped over the tree
They transported between branches
The human team took the step
They passed
The ball was in front
The player ran, ran fast
Dudo had a ball  
Between his legs
The goal was opened
If the ball was blown
The score will be occurred
He shot it
The land was split
A hurry monkey took
He passed short
Then he lifted it
The another side
The ball was receipted
At chest, then it was shot
The second was scored
The monkeys celebrated
Lifted themselves up
One over one
They were in column
They moved in straight
They threw downward
The boy cursed himself
Why did he train them
So fast and clever?
They stood again
Dudo called at them
To play good
The nurse was on front
She stole it
She passed very fast
But she was downed
By strong
The referee was monkey
He didn’t take in account
The nurse shirt was cut
She had to change it
As her back was naked
The player gave her it
It was so wide
The monkeys mocked
They laughed and clapped
That made the human got
Very anger and tried
 To get revenged from those
They passed the ball longest
Dudo who is the hero
Got the ball which might know
The way to the goal
But the earthquake occurred
Some of monkeys appeared
The player was downed
They made a cloud
So he was dropped
As the referee saw nothing
He accounted nothing
They passed in fast
The ball was faced
The goal keeper stood
He tried to cut
The pass,
But the monkey jumped
 Up over any one
He returned it
The ball was thrown
Over the goal keeper hands
Another goal was done
The boy called at them
He said to his nation
We must cooperate
To decrease our lost