I have a horse

My grandfather was rich man. He had great fields and green lands at our country. They were saying, "The horses run all day time and don't get the end" The lands were beautiful and amused the hard himself.  If anyone tired and went to that lands, he would forget every harm that annoyed him. My grandfather had exceeded ninety years old and he had good health. He could walk and even run. But the winds blow against the boat. The Egyptian revolution occurred in nineteen fifty two and they fought every appearance of rich. They tried to make the people equalized. They maintain the owner of land to two hundreds acres. So after my grandfather was rich, he became at moderate people. My uncles converted their Egyptian money into British pounds and flew as vapor. Who loves Egypt, stayed. One wishes that is not occurred. You saw the high waves you must escape or avoided it. My grandfather and father stayed and they faced the worst. The revolution officers made a new decision and decreased the lands into one hundred acres. . That was very shock to my father and my grandfather. Second, they had healed the companies. My grandfather had become an employ at his co. They made a new currency shape, so my grandfather as he was saying, "He was as the mount which can't move or shock by winds" fell.
He became ill then, he dead. My father, the only son of four men and one female stayed at Egypt and take care of the land.
First, the revolution officers took care of the lands. They offered the seeds, the chemical resistance and the cure of diseases those may hurt the land and the plant. Then, their leader had made a new decision, he converted into factory to make great revolution without any previous studying in costs and what Egypt needs. He entered that field without previous experience. He would success if and oh from if. If he followed and made his concentrated on every project. The revolution men made the centric decision, that was the ruin of all projects adding to the social decisions those made the workers equals in everything. The worker who works hard, equals with the worker who does not work. The projects after having their brilliant and after the opening and singing and celebrating, the descending of them take action. They were good and they make great advanced if they were under eyes of the government. Thus, the cultivating was influenced and it was forgotten. The farmers searched for new job that established. They leaved the lands to their wives and sons. The lands got very lazy. They did not get more crops as previous. The situation got difficult when they equalized the man who had great lands with the framer. The problem is the man who had lands can distribute and act with the crops. The rich men have more communication and can rent many cars and vehicles or buy them. The poor could not. The government made the organization to sell the products.