Hearts without wings 49

The monkeys were not feared
The monkeys appeared
Their courage
The monkeys would not return
Or give their back and run
The monkeys had courage
To achieve their revenge
The birds carried a metal
Was put in fire
Becoming red and so hot
They caught it by clasp
Made by two wood
They caught it strong
The preparing group
Were some of birds
Which collected the wood
Other prepared them
And finally, other made it complete
It was worked as a clock
In just and accurate
That was look like
Occurred at ancient
When the unjust king
Wanted some nation
To follow his thought
He saw that they went
To holy building to visit
Every year at the same time
He thought if he did
A building like that
The building was good
The marble was continent
The building was covered
And ordered them to visit
And made great allured
They will go and visit
The Arab loved their holy
It was called "Kaaba" since the time early
They refused to visit
The great problem occurred              

When one of them had dejected
In the building that was belonging
To that king
When the king knew
When the king saw
He prepared strong army
Of his soldiers and put
Four elephants in front
To go to the aim and order

To get the holy '"Kaaba" vanished
When he went
Some Arab tribes resisted
He killed bosses and prisoned
Till he became nearer
He took the caws and sheep
The boss of "Makkah" came
Makah is the town that contained
The holy "Kaaba" in
When the king saw him
He respected him
He sat him beside
He became very proud
But the man talked
But the man asked
The king downed him
From his sight
The man asked
The king
To return cows and sheep"
The king was astonished
He said," I respected you
But when you asked that demand
You fell from my sight"
The man responded with proud,"
These cows and sheep
Are belonged to me
And the holy mosque
Is belonged to God
Who will protect"
The king returned what he took
The army was ordered to attack
The nation of Makkah went
To protect at surrounded mount
They were astonished
Every blow and fatality
They worshiped temples
They asked their Gods
To get helped and saved
But at this act
They asked one God
They looked to the heaven
Their holy Kabaa will be damaged
They asked to give them
His hand and his help
And get that army ruined
The army moved in one step
The army made harmony and music
To prepare for attack
To spread horror at every heart
When the army got near Makah
The elephants refused to step
When they turned to another direction
They went in fast
But when they went toward 
Or when they went forward
In the Makah direct
They sat into land
The puzzle was governed
The king ordered to complete
The attack without these damned
When they were in astonishment
The sky converted into black
The sun was vanished
As great group of birds attack
They carried a hot stone
Coming by order of the only God
Coming from the inner hell
Coming to destroy the unjust
They threw the stone accurate
And the stone knew its act
He went right and straight
Over the soldier's head
The army was dead
Except two soldiers
They went to the big king
When they told him
They had two stones at their heads
There was a holy verses
And suart at holy Quran
Called”elephant” in translation