Hearts without wings 48

The monkeys moved
They caught the hoses in strong
Some of them caught one
The pushing of water was strong
They hardly aimed them towards
The fire tongues
They were like the animals
Which were enormous
Wanted to eat everything
As they felt hunger and trying
To get rid of that feeling
Which made them as slaves
They converted the night into light
The cold of the weather was escaped
As well as the courage and the hope
Of facing that worst
One who built the hope
One who looked forward
One who ordered and faced
That was the boy
The guard was sitting
Putting his head between his hands
Trying to get clam
Trying to show his manhood

The nurse was calling the firemen
And the police and ambulances
In spite of the shape of the fire
In spite of the tongues those were higher
In spite of the sounds got from fire
The bay faced with courage
The monkeys faced with courage
In spite of essential instinct
Of fearing of fire
In spite of hating heat
The monkeys got advanced
There were more than devils
There were more than persons
Who did not want that fire stopping
Who blowing in its tongued
To get more heat and fire
The gang was looking
The gang was advancing
The gang was shooting
The shoots toward the monkeys
The monkeys feared
The monkeys dropped hoses
The monkey ran individauks
The boy collected his courage
He called at them
They were hardly collected
As the boy ordered wise one
Which screamed at them
The shapes of ghosts were on
The spots lanterns were prepared
The magnified sounds was hearing
And the gang got feared
The boss collected courage
He laughed at loud
He laughed at  imposing
In spite of fear entering
In spite of lazy attacking
The boy moved the ghost
The boy played the sound
The boy made the ghost
Laughed and got loud
Laughter by magnification
The land was in imagination
Vibrated low and up
So the feard was returned
The boss ordered,” Fire”
Shot at every moving
The boy took the chance
That was prepared in elegance
The donkeys took the chance
Took the dark as blind
They moved in fast as wind
They turned around
The gang, that was proud
The donkeys shot them
At their backs
After they were bit
Hard, making them ask for help
For getting mercy and getting calm
The gang was surrounded
By tongues of dangerous
Of fire those were increased
They tried to escape
The teeth were sharp
The nails were strong
And the donkeys leaved their hearts
They attacked as a power
Was putting in pot
And found a hole
It took off in strong
The men were feared
The fire men were coming
When they saw the men tied
In trunks with hard
They laughed in strong
They were not believing
They wanted to do
They wanted to do
The boy refused
He told,” let them and stay
Watch the natural
If you love your God
You would be loved
By all the world