Hearts without wings 47

The guard of the garden entered
He cried and screamed,’
The garden was fired
I tried to get the fire off
It expanded as a wild
Then it converted into fright
I can’t imagine it
I will be out
My home will be ruined
My wife will demand money
And as I will be without
Work at any
She will ask to get away
The judge will say his word
To get her right
For a good life
I will be ask God
To get me dead
What is the value of life
Without work to live?”
The boy approached him
He said in kind word,’’
Please, be calm
You must decrease your revolt
Get your temper in mood
Of satisfy
If you ask your god
If you are confident in his ability
Everything will be well”
The man screamed,”
What calm?
Why am I calm?
The fire is firing
The fire is crawling
Who could stop its growing?
I hope I am still facing
Till get be dead
So the manger might
Consider me as a knight
He may order the reward
For my family for my effort”
The player got close
He folded him in soft
He said to him to stop
And think of what is going?
The physiologists said,”
The calamity is fallen
It begins big
Then get smaller”
He looked to the boy,”
What is your suggest?”
Tell me about
The facing of that worst
It will not destroy the life of the guard
It will destroy every scene
Of beauty and destroy the smart
Of peace and steady of the soul
It will make one feel without peace
It makes him in worry at all
We must stop that
The all creatures will be influenced
The world will wear black
Its smile will be vanished
Its pain will be increased
Who will return the stability
Of the world?”
The boy looked sad
He was hesitating
He ran so fast
He screamed for monkeys
They gathered with all animals
All birds attended
They were filled
By only enemy for all creatures
  The fear
The boy aimed
The monkeys understood
But they didn’t respond
The animals feared of fire
The boy ordered and insisted
To fight that fire
The animals took off
They were like the knights
They wanted to get the fire
Off as the world wants
The birds were flying
They asked the God
They prayed to God
To damned who did
That fire and got
It on, so dangerous
The birds flying high
The donkeys ran in speed
The monkeys got the hoses
On The first time,
The boys got hoses
Without tricking and stealing
The hoses were reaching
To the valves of water
The water was going
As storms as the flooding
The small bugs was filling
With water
The two birds were flying
One carrying the bags
Till they were over
The second make a hole
By its nib
The water would be downed
It was little but it pointed
To the hearts
Those would be shared