the imagination palace 9

He saw what it doing
It attracted every thing
And stuck it till get dead
He wanted to get
His road away and fast
He saw a big wild
Coming to attack
He was surrounded
What could he act?
He returned back
Returned with concentrated
He saw the wild attack
The wild jumped up
He suddenly downed to the land
The wild was passed
And pushed by his legs
The wild was stuck
He could pass in fast
The fifth was rays
Making everything covered
With cold and ice
He looked and thought
He threw a burning wood
It converted to be solid
Cold and ice
He bought a big wood
And hardly moved
He put over wheel
That could be moved
At all sides in speed
He burned its front
And turned it in fast
It converted to solid
He turned it fast
With another burning end
It converted to solid
He did these several times
Till the ice meted
It had to had rest
He was not satisfied
He threw another burned
The ice was crashed
He could pass in fast
The sixth was clouds
Making everything dark
He asked his God
And getting some fire
Till it could hot
 The magic was cried
It distinguished the fire
He used another fire
The clouds cried a lot
It converted to rains
He could safety pass