the imigination palace 15

My son said,"
It looks like the fly
She wanted to stick some hay
She got some water and mud
The hay didn't stick
She asked for help
She was given some yarn
She tried to collect whisk
It made it wrong
The crow wanted to eat
He wanted her in fast
He advised her to get
Some honey to stick
She believed him in fast
She wanted her house
Big and good
He stayed and remarked
He knew when she entered
The nests of bees
They will chased her
So he will help
And eat her in fast   
The butterfly came
She entered as unaware
She was suddenly attack
But for bad luck for crow
She was taken to the queen
The queen knew that
She told her in frank
"If you wanted that
You wanted honey
You must asked us to permit
Not take it as a thief"
She said," uncle crow advised!'
The queen said," whom?
The enemy becomes close
Look out
He wanted to eat you
Our soldiers attack
And chased him"
The bees helped her
To build her nest
The welding need complete
And great work to be done
We asked," after the plates are made!
He said," I get mud,
To cultivate land!'
We asked," how do you transport?"
He said, by flying trucks!"
We were amazed
He said,"There was a king
Wanted to get strange thing
One got odd fish
The king refused
Another got pearl
The king does not satisfy
The third brought gold
The king got him out
Till a small boy
Brought a strange thing
The king gathered nation
The boy talked in loud
,"Do you want to look?
Here is an ant
The people sighed for bad
The king said,"
You must be jailed
As you tricked!''
The boy said,"
The ant is the strange thing
She could bear load
Equals ten times of her weight
She works in hot
And bears the cold
She has an aim
She does it
With great hope
Even she got failed
She live in bad or good
She thanked her God
She is happy
Even the luck is messy
She thanked her God
She doing her work
With happy and piquant!"
The king gave him a reward
We said," the plants!"