the imagination palace 10



The seventh was strong hulk
Who had strong eyes
And had big muscles
His tall was so high
That you can imagine
He could touch the sky
By his big head
The hulk caught him
And wanted to cut him
Into small pieces
The man laughed and said,"
Can you challenge me at land
Let me and we get look
And struggled by head!"
The hulk laughed aloud
As he thought he will convert
Him into smash in fast
The man with speed
Threw the sand at the hulks
He could not look
He passed under his
He threw his back with needles
Till it downed
He jumped over his chest
And put the needle at his throat
The hulk was feared
as he thought he was killed
He let him pass
He got over the mount
He got the diamond
It wanted to be taken
The mount argued him 
He refused and said
That is for my love
And returned to the king
The second pass through the dessert
He faced a hot wind
That could dry and burn
Everything in second
It can transported it
Far, far and wide
He put cloth around
That could be lifted
He was lifted up
He used the cloth as wings
and used them to protect
He could hardly fly
Till he pass away
He faced a laughing force
That made one laughed
 Till it get dead
He met and cried
Without looking at that
He cried cried in honest
He cried from his heart
Till that imitated him
He could pass in fast
He met hot sand
That converted anything
Into useless rust
He used bucket
that water was been filled
And rushed it
The sand was mixed
It converted into mud
He threw another bucket
And another one
Till he went fast
But he was covered with mud
He faced a strong scream
That made everything mad
The condition was that
He might not stop
Or look right or left
He must bear that
He put a big deterrent
At his ears to prevent
The sound to be heard
He must get up the mount
The mount was inclined
That anyone must be downed
He used strong nails
He used his full concentrate
Till he got over mount
He got a big shape
Made of silver and gold

It wanted to be taken
The mount argued him 
to let that for him
He refused and said
That is for my love 
He returned to the kingdom
The third dived
He met a wild sharks
Those wanted to kill
He could hide before the rock
The sharks could smell