the imigination palace 12

He looked
He found
A big and graceful
He wanted to take
The shield which contained
Let me my pearl
She is my loved
She is as my daughter
Did you know my matter?
It will not be better
The worst will be gained
For both me and daughter
And what you will gain
You will gain sadness
For me and for pearl
I swear with your God
If you have a heart
If you believe at God
Let it me please with fast
Let it and we will think
And tell everyone at downed
About your championship
Let it and we will be pleased
Let it will thank
You from our deep
The all deepest will not neglect
You forever"
He said, 'what a sad
What fault I had
If I let that
She is my way
To enter the happy
The princess heart will at mine
If I had given
Up ,up
What will I get?
Nothing, nothing
What had been changed?
The bad luck for mine
But you
I will let it
It my chance
To have paradise
To live in advance
But with sad
For another, that
Must be bad
We are all creatures
Must live in peace
And have time and chance
I respect your sadness
Let me touch and kiss
And say goodbye"
He let it and return
To the princess with fast
Without taking pearl
We said, "What a bad!
If we had a chance
We will make the revers
My son said, "Wait!"