The imagination palace 11

He was in puzzle
He had to get advanced
He found a big rock
He made it as shield
He faced them in fast
He saw the big plant
He saw it
He threw the rock
They try to attack
He entered a small slot
The sharks surrounded
They tried to get in
He was settled
But suddenly octopus appeared
His arms were stretched
He tried to catch him
The man hided well
The sharks were struggled
The man stayed quite
The sharks were escaped
The octopus got hurt
The man with great courage
Attacked him with forced
He took a fork
And put it at an arm
The man was caught
The man had an aim
He put another fork
Into the octopus mouth
He put another fork
Into octopus' eye
He put another one
Into another eye
The octopus was hurt
The was escaped
He swam and ran
He went down
He met a cute
He tried to get closed
But he remembered the princess
He tried to escape
She caught him by her hands
He tried to escape
She caught him by her hair
She tried to suck
By her mouth which converted
To be huge as a tunnel
He could bite her hand
By a strong teeth as a solid
As a man who had one chance
To get a live and advance
He bit her in strong
She screamed and let him
He was not escaped
She faced him with anger
He was so anger
He was so confident
He didn't fear her
She was advanced
He was not returned
She stretched her hair
And caught him strong
He was thrown up
He was downed
She swam toward
He acted as a weak
She swam fast
She caught him and sucked
By her big mouth
He put a big fork
Into the big throat
But he had bad luck
She smashed the fork
She sucked him in strong
He caught her tongue
And bit her in strong
He had no breath
But he had also a chance
She screamed and tried
To get him out
He still caught her tongue
She argued him much
He didn't believe her
He still caught her in strong
She was converted into wild
The shape had a lot
To get him feared
The man didn't look
He still caught hers in strong
She screamed and got fired
She burned and he was out
Of the danger region
She screamed a loud
She was in ash
He swam with horror
He met a big mirror
He was surrounded
He wanted to get up
To get fresh air
He turned a lot
He circled in fast
The mirror was circled
He suddenly downed
He caught a rock
He hurt it 
It was smashed
He got up in fast
He breathed some air
He swam down
He met a net of strings
He was caught in hard
He was in trouble
He used his mind
He looked and remarked
The heart of the strings
He acted in weak
Till he found a vent
He got into it
He hurt it
With a strong grip
That wanted to get a live
He wanted to be saved
He wanted to be out
The strings were divided
He was out
He found
What a moment!