The imagination palace 13

He said, 'look!
The three princes gathered
Each one introduce his present
The princess was asked
To attend those celebrate
She was in her full sweet
The hearts were kidnapped
The eyes were stopped
To look except at
Her cute
Her father that was a king
Who will begin?
The first said,"
I have great present
That is lowest
Than the princess cute
But what must I do?
That what I know"
The king said,"
Don't waste our time
Detect what you had!"
He said with confident,''
You will not refuse my demand
And get my heart waked
And we will have happy
 All times that will passed
In fast
The happy time evaporated!"
The king said in anger,"
Uncover that!"
The prince took out the cover
All presents were happy
They sighed in wonder matter
The king looked at his daughter
He said, "We will judge!"
He continued,' let the other advanced
What do you bring?"
The prince said,''
That more fewest
Than my princess
The present must be lowest
Than princess heart
If I could
I will bring the widest
Stars to be at her neck
And the soldiers will be made
Of strong winds!"
The king said,"
Don't talk a lot
And let us look!"
The man said,''
I knew, I did
That princess deserved
More than that
If the world was demanded
It must be under her leg!''
The king got anger
He said,"
What a matter!"
The man revealed the present     

 The attendant sighed
Their bodies converted to wide
They said in wonder,"
What a valuable!"
The king looked at his daughter
He said,'
We will say our judge"
The king said,"
Let the other advance
What will you give?"
The prince said,"
I had faced dangerous
I endured every worst
To get what my princess
I didn't find more than my present"
The king laughed and said,"
It is obvious
You have nothing to give as present
Or detect what you had!"
The princess said,''
I faced every hard
And met every worst
I exposed to get dead
I bore for my princess!''
The king said in anger,"
Detect your present!"
The man said,''
I have more that they got
I have lovely and kind
I have wide and valuable
I have heart,
That my princess deserved!'"
The king looked at hers
She got smile face
He said,"
That is right
The heart is more important
Than pearl or gold
The pearl may be lost
The money may be waste
The authority may be got
But the staying
Is the lovely heart!"
They got married
The honey was surrounded
The love had wings
That covered their years!''