The imagination palace 17


We asked him
How do you plant?
He said, "In simple it is so easy
But it needs hard, hard work
We clean the land
From harmful insect or plant
After we tilled the land
We let it exposed
To the sun
Some days"
We asked," why?"
He said, "To get useful and small
Sent their help to the land
And get rid of the harm
And get warmer to the land
Then we distribute the seeds
At the land in equal distances
We put many seeds
At the same points!"
We said, "It may be harmful
He said, "No!
Because we will take the weaker
And feed them to the animal
Let the stronger
To grow in full
The nature said that
The strongest is the best!"
We asked," Is it good?"
He said, "Let me talk!"
We water it several time
Till the top of the plant appear
We take care of it
Like a small child
Till it grow up
Usually we must use natural
In resistance and compost
To decrease and prevent bad sick
And grow the plant well"
We clapped our hands
We said, "That is right
If we used the chemicals
The bad results appeared
It influenced
At every creature in fear
If we use the Genetic Engineering
We get bad and harm
But for shame
It used in poor land
At the third world"
My neighbor smiled
He said ,"The genetic got bigger
And blown
But in taste and benefit
The natural won the world!"
He continued,"
It reminded me
With two kings
The actual governed
With good and justice
He was so loved
He was mentioned
He had to travel
The man was neared
To place and judge
He thought that the king
Will go and not return
He knew that the king
Will pass with his guards
In narrow and shadow road
He ordered some thieves
To hide up on trees
When the king and guards
Passed under them
They must be shot
For the king luck
He had sick
He had to wait in tent
Till get cured
The guards were divided
Some went
Some stayed
The gone were killed
The man received the news
He appeared in bad
He told in sad
Their king was killed
He had to gather the land
Till they choose a new one"
His plane was that
He would stay till the end!"
He used his bad thought
To gather all wealth
And be rich even
His nation got ill
He issued laws
To do anything without control
The dark gathered its soldiers
It destroyed every light appearance
The welfare decreased
The devil walked in safe
The land gave
Its bad result
The hunger spreaded its wings
The despair was the a sign
The fall was down!'