The imagination palace 16


The son said," what plants do you want?'
We looked at each other
We gathered our talks
We said at the same sounds
,"We don't want any one
But how do those will be gone?"
He was at anger
He said in nerve temper
I will talk as experience!"
We smiled and said,"
Talk master who has science!"
He stood as a professor
Took the glasses from my neighbor
Put it at his face
It was big enough
That made us burst in laugh
He prepared as he acted
He wore neck tie
He stood prefect
He talked in confident
The rosy, feed and funny plants!"
We looked at each other and said
Funny plants!
In amazing matter"
He laughed and said,"
There was an old king
His kingdom had good things
So his nation had good sad
The weather got bad
The king walked at the land
He got bad sense
The clown was in puzzle
What must he do for get settle
The enemy at the border
And the army was in disorder
The king dosed under the tree
He was sad and cried
He heard two boys
Acting as the and kings
The enemy steady to attack
The other who act as the defender
Hide with moving green branch
And appeared with great laugh
The first who acted
As enemy an attack
Was surprise in sudden
He fell into the land
The king was funny
He ordered his army
To wear and hide n hurry
In green branches and leaves
And don't move till he ordered
The army entered the land
Moving in green land
Thinking he won the round
After they were looking
For gathering the great wealth  
Order was told
Attack was your force
The enemy was filled
The king laughed strong
He got them free
After making great peace
He refused to kill any one
We were pleased
We clapped our hands