The imagination palace 14


We looked at each other
We said in amazing matter,"
What do you mean with that?
There is no tie between ours
At all you said,"
You will weld the iron
How could you do in fine?"
My son got puzzled
I continued,''
You may know
When you want to connect
Between two cloth
You sewed them
When you want
To connect wood
You use bolt
When you want
To connect iron
What will you use?"
He looked in disturbance
I said,'' using welding
We heated two surfaces
Of the same iron metal
Look the same iron metal
We first clean the surfaces
By using abrasive tool
Then we made them tended
In angles to be filled
With the tied metal
It must be the same metal
It must surrounded by isolated powder
To prevent air enter
As the air is danger
For welding matter
We made the two surfaces in near
Making some difference
We heat them
And heated the tying
Till they melted
We put the melted in
 It filled the gap
And the tending gate"
My son asked,"
Is it the same angle?"
I said, "No,
For moderate pressure
We use low angle
In moderate action
Or low pressure action
We use high angle
In high and great action
And in high pressure action
Now the types of welding
First if you use gas in heat
It called gas metal arc welding
The second is
Tungsten inner welding
The heating is being by inner gas
The third is
Arc welding
The heating by electricity
The fourth is
Gas or oxy acetylene welding
We can use machine
To get our aim
In ease in speed
The conditions are
Clean surfaces
Tending surfaces
Heating process
The welding is completing"
My son asked,''
Are those types?''
My neighbors said,"
No, types of welding
As the welding surrounded
In close or open weather
Above or under water
In salty or sweet water
It different according to weld
The process in plates or pipes
In plates it used in tanks
Or cars or bridges
Or others
It may be in horizon,
And vertical action"
My son sad,"
So welding may be complicated
And danger at health
I have easy thing
I use gum
After chewing
And clean surfaces well
And put it between them,"
We looked at ours
We said,"