The imagination palace 8

The boy said
It is so easy and fast
By bringing the plant?
We said, "It needs mud"
He said, "We bringing mud"
we asked, "how could it?
And what have you meant
By saying "we" in talk"
He said,'' my partners in work"
We asked, "Do you have partners
They must be smart
As you in everything"
He loved and said,''
They are more elegant
And appear very strong
The whales are my friends
Who will be responsible?
 To transmit every mud
We asked," How? They have wings
To fly up in the sky?"
He laughed and said,"
That is so fast
My friends have wings
Can fly over lands
And can carry every weight
So easy and fast"
We said, "Then, do you have land
Forced and established"
He laughed and said,"
It is easy and fast
I will bring steel
In flat and sheet
And it will be welded
By strong metal weld"
We asked," How will it be occurred?"
He answered,
We interrupted,"
It is so easy and fast"
He was annoyed
And said," it is so easy and fast
By using the trucks''
We opened our mouths
Saying in wonder
"Your trucks have wings!"
He said, "It is so easy and cleared
There was a king
Live in island
Away, away of any sight
Her daughter had grown up
Her beauty was discrete
Her voice was as music
Her cute was over mind
He wanted to get her married
He announced that,"
Anyone wants to marry her
He must bring the rare present"
The kings at every land
Heard that announcement
They dreamt to get her heart
One went wide
He faced the seven magic
One made the a live stone
He put a mirror facing
The rays shot that magic
It converted to stone
The second magic was winds
Which transported the thing
Up and so height
Till it got vanished
He brought a feather
And get up the mount
He threw that
And watched how it occurred
He saw it got from hole
He threw another one
The wind blown
Till it get sucked
He threw another one
Then after the hole ready to rest
He threw a big rock
It settled over it
He completed his walk
Till he met the same face
Who imitated every look
To get it mad
He threw a small fire
Which the magic imitated
It converted to be fire
He threw a big bucket
Filled with great water
Which converted it to be vanished"
He completed his walk till he met the fourth



the thief's aim and the faith: the love changes the world Kindle Edition