the president of U S A



Out of the imagination palace
Here is I am sorry
I will comment on selection
The important and elusory
And the result is showed foggy
Who will win that?
Who will be the president?
Of the most important
I will say and whisper
When they need the color
To approve there is change
And get be closer
To Islam world and charge
Their anger of America
And make Israel get bigger
In its position and power
And let her in doing
And decrease the power
That America used in outer
And get the big plane
To divide the Arab world
Into small countries without armed
Like bear in facing wild
Not wild, the Arabs are wild
So Obama must be president
To get new relation
Between America and Russia
To decrease the enemy inertia
So Obama must succeed
And for the following
Miss Clinton must win
To show the world that land
Respect woman as Britain
As Israel and Pakistan
Even that step was late
But she will be the president
The first woman president
Viva Clinton and his president
The ex and new president
To complete the plane
Make the Arab changed
But I will suppose
Who made the peace agreement?
Carter, Begin and Sadat                                                 

It may get great chance
And enter the history at once
When she achieved the peace
According to balance and justice
Between Israel and Arab
Carter was democracy party
She is also democracy party
But if it was not gotten
On the fact and land
The real chance will evaporated                              

And the world may change its glasses
And the God may give his hand
To Arab to return their land
God may help you
To get the lost dream
And return the wide happy
That was absent away
You are a woman
God got the woman with heart
That is clear and kind
I hope her emotion
May lead the world to the best