imagination dream


My dream he said
My child at his youth
I dream to ride cloud
Make it higher as mount
And have a strong cord
Make with chains fog
My guards will be frog
Who will croak
When he saw a ghost
The whale will govern
The minister of water given
He will make squirt
Making the air wet
I will not need condition
The weather will be moderated
There will be finch
 They will have quilts
And long long wings
And move them to get fresh
And new air in cycle"
When we began to ask
He said "if it is get cold
I will get the dragon
He will be safe and well
If I need hot
He will spraying hot"
We said" the cloud will be melt"
He said" I will put metal
Over the cloud with distance
Making the cold rocks
As strong and bearable poles
My bed was over it
Making of the cloud"
We said "it will be clod
As it was made of ice"
He laughed at loud
Till his head bowed
He said," my cloud was made
In warm and good made
My servants will be kitten
Giving me every good
Milk meat and meat
Strawberry and apple
I will have every good
The bed room was out
I will fly over the cloud
My waste will not aloud
I will recycle to get amount
Of useful and good plants"
We asked," You will cultivate the sky"
He laughed and said,'' and under land"



the thief challenges the impossible
at create space
by mohamad taha
ISBN-13: 978-1517599133