The imagination palace 4


We said," that is good
But what is the tied
Material which will you tie?
We knew that the bricks need cement
The old Egyptians built their homes with stones
They tied them with mud
The planets tied with attract force
What will tie those clouds?''
We thought he was in trouble
He will let that talk at all
He said with laugh
"That is I will tell
The tie will be small ice
Coming from the clouds
Their surfaces will be polished
They will be straight and smooth
The wind with hot air
Of the breath of the dragon
Made them with fun
The kind wind will lift up
The hard wind will push it in strong
Over the floor which is smooth
The air will push out
The tied will be forced
I will make this
At another rows
Till the building stands
I tied them also with love
It tied them with enough
 Force not to be away"
We looked in amazing and I say
"You remember me with the king
Who wanted the store for the case
It was filled with money and jewels
He asked for the honest person!
The minister was puzzled
He said,'' let do examine"
He put a pile of money
In front of market
There is a traveler
He lost his money
As the thieves attacked him
He entered the woman tent
Wanted to attack and kill
When she saw him
She smiled with brilliant
She said ,"what do you want?
He found her so brilliant
He said," why do you live in bad
Manner and leave the rest"
She said, "I live with him'
He looked around
He found no one
He said after he lifted his sword,"
Who and where?"
The woman said," he is up
See you and protect
Me from any harm
He approached and said
So he can prevent me
As I want you with love"
When he approached
She prayed to the God
"Save me my lord"
She prayed with honest
The sword was fallen
The man was paralyzed
He tried and tried
The trying was out
He discovered he was dull
And the worst over the land
He knelled and cried
He said," forgive me my honest
And faithful over the world"
He remembered when he was a prison
He was jailed for long
And when he got his freedom
He met an old man
Give him some gold
To begin his life
But the thieves stole them
He cried and knelled
Asking her to forgive
She forgave with smile
He wanted to go
She smiled with attract look
Saying, 'Where do you go?''
He said, ''out, to let you
Safe and pray to your Lord"
 She said, "You entered my home
Without taking your present
As you are my guest"
He looked around
She said, "You think I am poor
But I am rich with him
Come and do as I told"
She taught him how to wash
And prayed to his God
He went with great hope
When he entered the market
Asking for work
, He found that gold
He thanked his God
Saying it is treasure from the sky
I will be rich and will be in high
I will be account in special guy
My world smiles to me
My time stands with me
Finally I will be rich
I have every demand and wish
I closed every prison
I teach every one
How to love his God
But if that money
Is for poor or ill
No, I will go
And give that to the police man"
When he went
And told his word
The police arrested him
And brought him to the king.