The imagination palace 5

The king told him
"Why did you steal that money?
Do you know that is mine?"
The man said," No, dear majesty
I don't know in fine"
The king got angry
He ordered to go to the minister
The minster asked
"why did you steal that money?'
The man said, "No, I don't steal that
The minster asked," where did you find?"
He said, 'out of the market."
The minister said,
"How do you know it is money?""
The man answered, "By opening the pocket."
The minister, "So you take enough
And let the rest"
He sword with his God
The minister said
"Why did you open the pocket?
You remembered me with the cat
When she was guard
Of her cats friends
When she found a mouse
She ordered to tell hers
She found a place
Where it has a lot of mice
She used to attack one
She did not tell anyone
Till the cats feel with food
Has been little and felt hunger
The boss knew her unfaithful
She was remarked
And fired out"
The man said,"
You remembered with that
The king of wheel
Used to get a lot of crop
The farmers who used to get
Complain to the sun of thought
That the king took the crop
And give it to his friends
Insects and birds
The king knew that
He cried a lot
He got ill
There was not crop
The birds complain
They asked the sun
To tell the farmer
They will not take the crop
 The farmers got happy
The ill of the king increased
The farmers asked the sun
"Why doesn't he get fine?'
The sun visited him
He said, "I was accused
That I am thief
I have to leave
That awful life"
The framers cried
The birds got sad
The farmers have to apologize"
The sun ran fast
The sun counted the crop
She knew that
The crop is little
Than the crop that the farmers take''
The minster said,
''So you confident that you stole"
The minister completed
After the man cried
You will be here
Under eye and remarked"
The man accepted
The king suddenly entered
The king said,'' Give him also the keys"
He faced the man
And said, 'you will be the case safe
If you did wrong you will be killed"
The man changed
He shouted, "Live king, live king!"
The man remembered that woman
He hurried and asked
Her to marry him
She hesitated
She said," under three conditions."