The iimagination palace 6

The woman said, "There are three conditions
First let me pray to my God
At night
Second let me fast
Two days at a week
And three at middle of the month
And you pray to your God 
This is the third
What do you say''
The man accepted
He began to pray
He married her
He felt he had a treasure
More than any treasure
He felt his life began
He sensed the life smiled
He tried to be honest
And told her every pet
He memorized every song
That talked about love
They lived in rosy dream
They had honey in dream
Till he heard about collusion
The minster planned to kill the king
And have kingdom and be a king
The man told the king
The king ensured from that
He laughed and said,"
Why does man hurry?
I wanted to give you the crown
After my son was gone
He was killed doing his roll
Defending against the dull
But you hide the worst
You deserved to be killed
But I wanted any harm
Go fast and dismissed"
The king went in sad
His door was closed
Then he invited to big celebration
The celebration contained imagination
Acrobatic and magic motion
The king announced an important decision