The imagination palace 7

The king said in loud
Between his nations those were gathered
He said," my son had dead
In a war as a knight
He was brave and could fight
To get our kingdom free and advanced
Live my son and his spirit
Live my son with angles at side
Where no dark but light"
The people repeated that word
He said, "As I lost my son
The minster was discovered as unfaithful
I found the life is awful
The enemies surrounded our wall
I got old at all
I announced that man is your king
He will govern withy very justice
He will lead you to advance
And make your land in brilliance"
The man stood and said,''
Dear majesty, "do you know
Who am I?
I may be a liar"
The king closed his mouth
He said," I knew everything''
He whispered in his ear
You were jailed as a thief
And got your freedom
Till you got your function''
He faced the people saying
"Salute your future king"
The people said,"
Live our king,
Live our king"
The man stood and cried
He thanked his king and said''
The favor is for my master
Live our king
Live our king"
The kingdom lived in advanced
The justice was established
Every span was green
Every place was clean
The hearts got kind
The thinking for civil was for mind''
The boy loved and said
"That I had said
I will built every stone
Of cloud and the ice tie
 With love and clear mind"
Its lands will be of ice
That will be white in appearance
It will be sword with its clearance
It will be colored with butterfly
Those bring roses at high'
We loved and said,
How will it be carry
At high level of the sky?
 And how will it be lived?"
The boy was annoyed
But he smiled in confeident.