The imagination dream 2



The boy said, "I will build great palace
It will be made of different colors"
We said,'' by any material, it will be made?"
He smiled and looked us
He said, "Oh! By clouds of course
I will make it stand up right
And colored it with right
Colors, those must be bright!
Do you remember the king of night?"
We all looked at ours
We said," tell us!"
He said, "There was a mother
Had a lot of boys and girls
When the night came
They do not go to sleep
Their mother told them about the terrific
He got out at night
And kidnapped every waken thing"
The boys and girls laughed
They mocked on that tale!
The mother entered the black room
She imagined that frightful
He was gotten from the wall
He was so frightened
When he walked, the earth vibrated
When he talked, the air vibrated
You could imagine that
The earthquake will be occurred
His eyes were so wide
That one can provide
They will cover his face
His steps were wide
Those he could cross the long
With only few steps
His walk is fast
His mouth is big
When it was closed
It would be wide
As a tunnel underground
When he talked in low
 The wind blow strong
When he talked at loud
The walls were downed
He got out
Her face was red
Like he had fire
When he looked
The boys and girls ran
They felt with fear
The town was slept
Early after that horrible appeared
A lot of damned surrounded him
To steal, rap and kidnap
Till he made the small boy
The boy had a short sight
He had to use the glasses to look right
He lost those glasses
He didn't look will
The king of horror tried to speak
The boy laughed loud
He thought it was a joke
Or some games of lunatic
The king got angry
He moved in hurry
the earth vibrated loudly
The boy laughed loudly
The king got angry
He jumped higher
The earthquake occurred
The boy jumped in laughter
The king called his fellows
To fear that awful
They collected around him
He thought they played with him
He danced and sang''
Dear boys, dear girls
The time for playing comes
Lift your right hand
Down your left hand
Lift your right leg
Down your left leg
Look forward
Forget every bad thing
Make it backward
Dance and sing!'
 They danced in spite
Of they will or want
The king saw that
He melted and vanished
No horror will be occurred
If we believe in God
And be faith at ourselves''
We said, "what about colors!"
He said," Colors! Colors!
Are acceptable or refused in matter"
We said, "Is it a joke?"
He said, "You make a trick!
I will demand my friends
Of butter flies and roses
They will make it colored"
We said in astonishment,"What?"